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About the author

Rebecca Zeschke

Hi everyone, I am Rebecca Zeschke. Wife to Jaen and a mum to two beautiful girls, Mia and Clara. My kids inspired me to become an author. Watching their faces light up whilst listening to or reading stories, and seeing how much knowledge they can retain from one small book really boosted my want to assist with my kids learning development.  Along side being an author I also am completing a degree in Primary Education. Through the adventures of Mia and Clara, i hope to bring fun and  laughter to my readers whilst increasing their passion for reading.
I have a creative side which i put into making and decorating cakes. However, this creative side doesn't follow through to drawing sadly. So I have teamed up with the very talented Rachael Loose. Her illustrations are a perfect match to my first book and I am looking forward to my second book coming out soon.


About The Illustrator

Rachael Loose

Oh hey!

If you don’t already know me, I’m Rachael. The illustrator of ‘Things we like to do’. 
My background is Early Childhood Education and I’m a very proud mother to three incredible girls. It’s safe to say, I’ve been reading to children and drawing and painting with children for a very long time.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t drawing and painting. 
At primary school my weapon of choice was scented felt pens, sickly sweet strawberry scent or vomit-inducing rotten egg scent. 
At high school I learnt to love big, fat, melting, messy pastels that I smeared across my canvas with my hands, using my fingers to blend the colours. Adorning not only mine but my friends share-house walls. 
In my twenties I moved to acrylic on canvas and wall paint to adorn bedroom and classroom walls with floor to ceiling murals. 
In my thirties I mixed oil and acrylics together, reveling in the way the two mediums repelled each other.
Recently, I’ve discovered digital art...I splashed out and bought myself an ipencil and a new iPad and all of a sudden a whole new world of opportunities appeared before me. 
I could sketch on a back-lit screen...and if I made a mistake, I could hit the glorious ‘undo’ button and Waa-Laa - problem not only solved, but saved!
Over and over again. 
And reprinted, as many times as I liked! 
With a touch of a button, I could convert my sketches into PDF’s, emailing them as far across the world as I wanted. 
Mind blowing and life changing all at once!

This new art medium has lead me to Rebecca, and together we are inspired and delighted to bring you ‘Things we like to do’. The first of many beautiful stories for you to read with the precious children in your life.

Rach x


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