Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Book Launching September 19th 2020

Meet clever Clara! 

From the moment Clara was born, things came to her with ease. But what happens when she comes up against something she isn't the best at? Will she take on the challenge Or crumble to her knees?

Follow Clara in a story about having the right attitude and will power to achieve the unthinkable!

Writing and creating this book has been so exciting. This story is about my 2nd child Clara and her ability to do things for the first time so easily. She loves using the catch phrase "Easy peasy lemon squeezy", so naturally that became the title. 

I am currently working with a different illustrator for this book. Eduardo Comoglio. And WOW am I taking away by his skill to bring Clara's personality and this story to life. 

The illustrations and book formatting are about half way done and then it will be on to the next stage...… Printing! 

My first book was paperback, as this suited the delicate style I was going for. This one will be hardcover. Its bright , bold and going to be super high quality with debossing and some other secret exciting features. 

Check out the progress of some of the illustrations below. You might even get a sneak peak at the story! 

EPLS has finished the printing process now and is on its way! Check out the video of the printing process!

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Front Cover

Best part of my day is new illustrations

Illustration progress

Page-9 and 10.jpg

Illustration progress

Page-11 and 12.jpg

Illustration progress

Good Morning!!!! Rise and shine. It's go

Rise and shine illustration