Things we like to do

How this book came about

When I was younger, I loved a personalised book that was given to me by my grandparents. It was so special to see my name in a book. 

So when I had my own children I wanted to do the same for them but one step further. I wanted the illustrations to also be resemble them. I wanted the stories to be about their personalities. 

When I found out how talented my cousin was at illustrations, I knew I wanted to create a story for my children I wanted it to be simple and educational so they could learn to read it from a young age. I also wanted it to be educational. My Gran and my mother also said all children's toys and books should be educational. And lastly I wanted it to be fun and relatable. 

Throughout the book you will discover some of the favourite things Mia and Clara love to do during the week. Your children will start to learn the days of the week and maybe get some inspiration for activities they like to do other than playing on their ipads! 

Not only is this a beautiful story about sisters it is also extremely appealing. The illustrations are breath taking and this book will look stunning on any bookshelf. 

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