Things we like to do - Paperback

Things we like to do - Paperback

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Would you like your child to learn the days of the week whilst they also enjoy a great story? Do you have a little one that has just started reading? Then this is the perfect book for your kids. Things we like to do is beautiful story of two sisters and the activities they do during the week. From baking goodies with mum to playing with butterflies, Mia and Clara’s week is full of giggles and excitement. Follow their adventures as they explore all of the fun things they like to do together. With educational elements and stunning illustrations, Things we like to do is a must have for your children's bookshelves.  Suitable for ages 0-7 with the reading age ability of 5+. Children will: learn the days of the week, learn to count, increase their reading vocabulary due to repetition of words, enhance their imagination and be introduced to positive play with siblings. 




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